Vancouver Gutter Repair & Replacement – Gutter Photos

The following are photo sample of various rain gutter projects we have worked on in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD).

Here we see an inexperienced installation job of a 3” drain. This gutter was improperly installed.

The hidden gutter was fixed and repair with a 3” down pipe.

On this gutter replacement job, we see a tar and gravel roof with a standard 1.5” drain. These 1.5” drains are common on many older and newer homes.

Here the tar and gravel was peeled back, the 1.5” drain replaced with a wider 3” drain. A Firestone rubber seam was added the ensures long-life bonding and waterproofing.

The gravel and tar was cleaned up, and the complete gutter system was replaced with new felt and sealer with a large 3” drain.

Roofing and Repair

In addition to repairing damaged rain gutters, Golden Phoenix also provides re-roofing services for all major types of roofs.

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